Nkululeko Ngubane


Dynamic Eagle Training and Networking’s mission is to contribute to the enrichment of quality of service around the SADC region through the creation of an innovative multi-utility company that will address the diverse needs of our clients.

The business environment facing the company similar to ours continues to evolve in South Africa and around the world. In the midst of these demanding changing conditions, we are working to realize our vision of becoming a SADC multi-utility innovator. To that end, we are striving to satisfy unmet diverse service needs of our clients.

As a new “kid” on the block, we recognize that we have multiple responsibilities to our many stakeholders who have been around in their respective industries. We not only have a responsibility to provide innovative service ideas that are compatible to the dynamics that today’s technology dictates, but we must also empower our people to provide cutting-edge customer service that will distinguish us amongst the rest, and subsequently to render us as the service provider of choice.

We also have a responsibility to support the communities in which we live and work. We commit to achieving these important goals while delivering earnings growth to our company and doing our utmost to earn the trust of all our stakeholders. By embracing these responsibilities, we hope to be a company worthy of representing South Africa as a cutting-edge global enterprise.

We are most proud to be a South African company and to be part of this wonderful rainbow nation.

Thank you for your continued support.