Zwonaka Security & Cleaning Services (Pty) – Partnered Service

Zwonaka Security & Cleaning Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012.The services provided by Zwonaka came about as a result of various requests from existing clients and the owner’s passion for the establishment of an institution which would provide top quality, services in various fields – offering professionalism, loyalty, dedication and experience to valued clients.

Quality, professionalism, absolute commitment, dedication and loyalty from our personnel are not a request but a definite requirement for employment.

Although Zwonaka is based in Gauteng, the provision of quality and professional services do not stop there – we provide services in all regions and provinces, with the vision well instilled to expanding our products and the services currently provided nationally to the Rainbow Nation. Zwonaka operates as a complete “One-Stop” service provider – giving the client a complete range of satisfactory services under one roof.

PSIRA REG NO: 2342085

Zwonaka will meet all your needs and if not able to provide a service, will research the requirement and provide a solution for the client.

Zwonaka understand the country’s economy, demands and needs and to this end, will provide services at the most excellent rates – not detracting from quality, professionalism and par excellence service levels. Zwonaka strives to comply with all statutory requirements and legalities.  All personnel employed by Zwonaka are required to have the correct qualifications and the aim is to grow our personnel base to cater for specific requirements for our service entities.

Zwonaka have set out as much information as possible in order to provide the client with a broader understanding of the services Zwonaka can and will provide.

  • Our services are performed with professionalism, pride and honour!
  • One-stop service contact for all client requirements;
  • Experience and expertise;
  • Our word is our bond – we will not condone any sub-standard services!
  • We will do everything in our power to provide lower rates but not to provide lower quality services
  • We understand our clients’ requirements
  • We will go the extra mile – the client is always right and to be served with respect and honour
  • Clients receive effective services in accordance with their requirements but with our expertise and guidance
  • Zwonaka will not just take on business – we will provide site surveys, management meetings and provide input for client requirements prior to any acceptance of a site.
  • Zwonaka personnel employment is strictly based on the expertise, qualification and previous employment track record of any personnel member
  • Training and education is a must with Zwonaka
  • On site training is on-going with reports to the client on a regular basis
  • Zwonaka provide input, suggestions and recommendations for the services to be provided;
  • Zwonaka provide 24/7 services – carrying out regular site visits on senior management level;  and
  • Zwonaka place a high premium on discipline, integrity and loyalty.